The webpage of the G.R.I.M. (Gruppo di Ricerca sull’Insegnamento/Apprendimento delle Matematiche) was born in 1996 with the intention to give a important service to the researchers, teachers/researchers and to Italian and foreigners students of didactics of Mathematics. The website is almost bilingual (Italian and English). 


Since 1996 the website become more ampler and it currently contains: 


1)The review "Quaderni di Ricerca in Didattica", born in 1990 and currently in on-line and printed version. The review is could be founded at the web address: It is reviewed by Zentralblatt for the Didactics of Mathematics ZDM-MATHDI. In our review articles, national and international PhD thesis (in the review supplements) and conferences proceedings are published. The review accepts articles in Italian, English, French and Spanish languages. We also can accept paper in a double linguistic version (for instance: English-Arab, English-Chinese, etc…). The review could contains also articles with multi-medial supports (for instance: audio and videotapes of didactic situations that can clarify the text will be connected with the paper). Our review "Quaderni di Ricerca in Didattica", is therefore the first multi-medial review regarding the Research in Didactics. The code ISSN is: On-line ISSN 1592-4424. 

2)The national and international PhD theses reported to: Tesi_it.htm. The national seminar of the scientific community of the researchers in didactics of the mathematics decided to consider this webpage as an official site for the theses. 

3)The complete Proceedings of the International group "MATHEMATICS EDUCATION INTO THE 21ST CENTURY PROJECT". The proceedings from 1999 can be found address to the following:

4)The complete Proceedings of the international group  “Analyse Statistique Implicative”.

5)Articles and proceedings of international conferences, Italian degree thesis in Didactics of Mathematics that can be of interest for scientific actuality, could be found to the following address: articles.htm.

In this page it is possible to find the proceedings of the C.I.E.A.E.M.  (Commission Internationale pour l’Étude et L’Amélioration de l’Enseignement des mathématiques, International Commission for the Study and Improvement of Mathematics Education).

6)The site hosts the Homepages of Guy Brousseau and Régis Gras: In these homepages can be found unpublished articles and reissues of old articles that are difficult to find, besides the information concerning these two heads school of the Research in international Didactics.  

7)The webpage of the PhD "History and Didactics of the Mathematics, History and Didactics of the Physics and History and Didactics of the Chemistry" 

8)In the webpage matdit.htm it is possible to find some materials elaborated during the courses of Didactic of Mathematics, the Didactic Laboratories of the S.I.S.S.I.S. (Mathematics Section of Palermo) and the courses of Didactics of  Mathematics of the Degree course in Scienze Della Formazione Primaria of the University of Palermo. The degree theses are published at the webpage:

Recently a section regarding "Mathematics and difficulty."  (in Italian language) has been opened.

9)A page dedicated to the association for Teachers and Students of Mathematical AICM that locally operates and that it manages, besides, the mathematical competitions for the middle school of the Province in Palermo. Is avaible online all the texts of the competitions and the their solutions. . There are also the texts of the lectures that have been kept in these last years.  (in Italian Language)

10)Finally it is interesting to mentioned an inside research motor at the address: SITI.htm. It allows the readers to be able to easily consult external websites refereed to the didactical research of mathematics . 



The website is recorded in Yahoo, Google, Virgilio, etc…



Gruppo di Ricerca sull'Insegnamento/Apprendimento delle Matematiche  

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