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August 18-25, 2010, Palermo, ITALY


Experts’ papers and lecture abstracts




WG1A: Prof. Barbara Jaworski (UK)


            - Developing mathematics teaching through inquiry communities involving teachers and didacticians (.pdf)

            - Development of the mathematics teacher educator and its relation to teaching development (.pdf)

            - Research practice into/influencing mathematics teaching and learning development: towards a theoretical framework based on co-learning partnerships (.pdf)

            - Theory and practice in mathematics teaching development: critical inquiry as a mode of learning in teaching (.pdf)

            - Mathematics teacher research: process, practice and the development of teaching (.pdf)

            - Tackling complexity in mathematics teaching development: using the teaching triad as a tool for reflection and analysis (.pdf)

            - 13. Building and Sustaining inquiry communities in mathematics teaching development. Teachers and Didacticians in Collaboration (.pdf)


WG1B: Prof. Joao Pedro da Ponte (PT)


            - Mathematics teachers' knowledge and practices (.pdf)

            - Investigations and explorations in the mathematics classroom (.pdf)

            - From teachers’ craft knowledge to teacher education: Research and practice (.ppt)

            - From teachers’ professional knowledge to teacher education: Research and practice (.ppt final version)


WG2: Prof. Maria Alessandra Mariotti (IT)


            - Semiotic Mediation in the Mathematics Classroom: ICT tools and theoretical thinking, Abstract (.pdf)

            - Semiotic mediation in the mathematics classroom. Artifacts and signs after a Vygotskian perspective (.pdf)

            - Contexts for approaching validation: artefacts of information technologies (.pdf)

            - Proof and Proving in Mathematics Education (.pdf)

WG3: Prof. Jean-Baptiste Lagrange (FR)


            - Digital representations of mathematical objects in the teaching-learning process: a cross European research project (.pdf)

            - Research in Digital Technologies and Mathematics Education (.ppt)


WG4: Prof. John Mason (UK)


            - Having Something Come-to-Mind When Learning or Teaching Mathematics: cognition and affect witnessed in behaviour of Psyche, YERME Plenary (.pdf)

            - Doing ≠ Construing and Doing + Discussing ≠ Learning: The Importance of the Structure Of Attention (.pdf)

            - Being Mathematical With & In Front of Learners: Attention, Awareness, and Attitude as sources of Differences between Teacher Educators, Teachers & Learners (.pdf)

Prof. Ferdinando Arzarello (IT)


            - Tools for analyzing learning processes in mathematics (.pdf)

            - Framing the embodied mind approach within a multimodal paradigm (.zip)

            - Semiosis as a multimodal process (.pdf)

            - Semiotic and theoretic control in argumentation and proof activities (.pdf)













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