Pasquale Del Pezzo

(Berlin 1859-Napoli 1936)

He was born in Berlin from a noble neapolitan family (he was duke of Caianiello). Having married a sister of his, he was brother in law of the famous swedish mathematician G. Mittag Leffler . He studied in Napoli , where he graduated in 1882, with N. Trudi and E. Caporali. He taught since 1884 in the university of Napoli , where he was also rector. He became also a major of Napoli and senatore of the Italian parliament.

Del Pezzo is now remembered for a kind of surfaces that bring his name.

Main commemorations: G. Gallucci, Rend. R. Acc. delle Scienze Fisiche e Mat. di Napoli , 8, 1938, 162-167.

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