Michele De Franchis

(Palermo 1875-ivi 1946)

He studied with G. B. Guccia and F. Gerbaldi in the University of Palermo , where he graduated in 1896. He taught in Cagliari (since 1905), Parma (since 1906), Catania (since 1909) and Palermo (since 1914). Member of the Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei. After Guccia's death, in 1914, he was director of the Rend. del Circolo mat. di Palermo .

In 1909 he won, with G. Bagnera, the prize Bordin of the Academie des Sciences for his work on hyperelliptic surfaces.

Students: M. Beloch, M. Ales, A. Lo Voi .

His collected papers were reprinted in Opere, ed. By C. Ciliberto and E. Sernesi , Suppl. Ai rend. Del Circolo Mat. Di Palermo, (II), 27, 1991.

Main commemorations: C. Ciliberto-E. Sernesi, in Opere , 3 36.
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