Luigi Berzolari

(Napoli 1863-Pavia 1949)

Studied in Pavia with E. Bertini , and took his degree in 1884. During many years he was a teacher in high schools and assistent of Bertini in Pavia .

He taught descriptive and projective geometry in Torino (1893-99) and Algebra and analytical geometry and calculus in Pavia (1899-1935). During this period he was also, only for one year (1924-25), professor in the new university of Milano . He was also very active in organizational matters. In Pavia he was dean of the faculty and rector. In 1933 he succeded to S. Pincherle as president of the Italian Mathematical Union (U.M.I.); he was also president of the association of Italian teachers (Mathesis) and he was the main editor of the important Enciclopedia delle Matematiche Elementari . He was also a member of the Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei and president of the Istituto Lombardo .

His main research interest were algebraic geometry, theory of forms, and projective-differential geometry. Among his students we mention L. Brusotti.

Principal commemorations: E. Bompiani, Rend. dell'Acc. Nazionale dei Lincei , 1950; L. Brusotti, Boll. dell'Unione Mat.Ital. , (3), 5, 1950, 1-19 and Rend. dell'Ist. Lombardo di Scienze e Lettere , (2), 83, 1950, 1-21; M. Villa, Rend. dell'Acc. delle Scienze di Bologna , 1953, 3-17.
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